Laundry Consulting Co.

Founders of WeWash Laundry Co., based out of Ankeny, Iowa

Hi, I'm Claudia

{Fun Fact: Everyone says I'm an amazing folder, which you can see for yourself in our folding video}

Hi, I'm Stephanie

{Fun Fact: Don't ask me to fold, I'd rather launder any day. But if I had my way, I'd do none of it!}

We are the "OG" laundry haters, but together, we founded WeWash Laundry Co. out of Des Moines, Iowa. We were lucky enough to find great mentors and start our wash and fold, pickup and delivery laundry service in February of 2020. 

Since then, we have made every mistake possible. Our business was started in an "unconventional" way that helped us flourish during a pandemic, grow from 2 employees to 23+ and along the way we have created and fine tuned policies/procedures, training guides and folding training videos. 

We know first hand how valuable it is to have a mentor when launching and building your business. We are two passionate business owners who enjoy sharing our successes, our failures and help you achieve success.  

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